A 12 Week Mentorship With Carolyn

Nourished & Calm

Are you tired of feeling burnt out and stressed by things like motherhood, your job and current lifestyle and want to pour a little self love back into your cup?

My 12 Week Mentorship is all about helping you to restore balance in your home and your life with personalised routines and nourishing daily practices.


You've arrived!
I'm so glad you found me!

I know why you're here, I see you, I was you. 

I remember a time when I would feel the guilt of resentment when my husband left for the office in the morning leaving me at home managing the kids all day...it felt so isolating. 

The overwhelm of being back in the kitchen at 4pm pulling another meal together when I felt like I’d only just cleaned up from breakfast, winging children at my feet and counting down the hours until I could go to bed. 

Too many times, I was so tired at the end of the night that I didn’t even wash my face before my head hit the pillow and I went to sleep dreading having to do the same thing the next day. 

I’m here to tell you that there is another way. A better way...

I’m going to show you that when you nourish yourself, you have a greater capacity to nourish others. You will be a better Mum, a better Wife and a better Friend. I want to help you to see & feel that you have more than enough time for daily practices that will change everything.

You don’t have to do this alone,  let's do this together!

What You'll Learn

In our 12 weeks together we will cover:

Morning practices to create more time and space in your day

Nutritional fundamentals & how to nourish your body with the right foods


How to boost your mood & restore you energy levels


How to feel more calm, grounded & centered through your daily habits

Managing stress & anxiety as well as implementing boundaries


How to improve your sleep hygiene & get quality sleep consistently

Want to Know a Little More?

Nourished and Calm is a 12 week mentorship for women who are ready to restore nourishing daily practices that will help them to feel more balanced and in control of their home and with their daily tasks. During our time together I will teach you how to run your household more efficiently and effectively whilst nourishing YOU and creating a life that you love. So let’s get intentional, make a plan and bring out your best life. (Imagine you could create a day that was full of ease and flow, what would it look like)?

Meet Carolyn.

Women’s Health & Mindset Coach & Founder of Inspired 2 Nurture, an online Health and Wellness Coaching Community. 

Carolyn knows first-hand the challenges women face at home with young children and also those who go back to work and juggle work commitments, motherhood & managing the house. She’s helped many women start making positive changes in their lives to move from exhaustion and overwhelm to more balance and joy and is 100% committed to helping you achieve the same.

Carolyn believes in empowering women with nourishing yet simple daily practices and mindset shifts that result in incredible transformations. Whether it's helping women to start their day more relaxed (implement routines for flow), create simple yet more nourishing foods, stress less or simply live life better, you have landed in the right place.

We all want to live healthier and happier lives and sometimes just don’t know where to start (It's ok to want more, it’s ok to desire more vitality, more energy and more joy). Welcome to this amazing program Nourished & Calm.


What's Included?

30 minute Clarity Call to make a personalised plan

6 x fortnightly one-on-one sessions (60 mins) 

Accountability & support in between live calls via email or Voxer (during business hours 9am-5pm)

Lifetime access to course content 

Workbooks for some modules 

Membership to my Wellness Coaching group on Facebook (for ongoing coaching and mentoring) 

Audio files for breath work and guided meditations

A 5 min breathing and body relaxation exercise

NLP techniques to experience better sleep

A recorded guided sleep hypnosis track

Bonus recipe ebook for simple & healthy meals at home

This is For You If...


You are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated by your current lifestyle and commitments 


You want to feel more in control of your energy, mood and wellbeing


You are ready to make some small changes to your everyday routines that will have a huge impact on your wellbeing and energy


You desire accountability and support from a Coach who is invested in your health


You are craving to be a part of a community of like-minded people that "get you"

The Investment Is...

$2997 upfront (save $500+)


2 x $1750 instalments

I'm In! Now What?